About Us

Brynn Body Care was born out of a desire to create natural skin care products for my daughter, Brynn, without harmful ingredients that could potentially cause skin irritation and/or increase her risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. 

Our product line has evolved since our inception as we continue to research and test potent natural, organic and wildcrafted plant botanicals, oils and butters as well as the therapeutic effects of essential oils, to formulate products targeted to specific skincare needs.

Having a background in Chemical Engineering and Physical Therapy has been integral in my desire to promote wellness and self-care through natural skin care products. Brynn Body Care formulates natural, effective and minimally processed skin care products that harness the power of nature and create a sense of well being in your daily self-care routine. We research and carefully select and ethically source high quality, sustainable ingredients to formulate products that combat oxidative stress as well as nourish and balance your skin. We make our products in small batches to ensure quality and potency and help maximize the health of your skin.

At Brynn Body Care, we are committed to clean beauty, protecting our planet and its resources and giving back to the community. We are continuously striving to provide effective, holistic products to help you create a relaxing skin care ritual that stimulates your senses, nourishes your skin and restores your glow. Our desire is to create luxury skin products that are safe and effective for the entire family.